uvex 2 x-flow zip side work boot tan (wheat) uvex 2 x-flow zip side work boot tan (wheat)

uvex 2 x-flow zip side work boot tan (wheat)

Part number: 65468: standard width (11), 65460: extra wide (14)

  • Biomechanically optimised uvex bionomx design
  • High energy return uvex i-PUREnrj cushioning system
  • Extremely breathable uvex climazone upper
  • Multiple widths available in core sizes
  • Airport friendly
  • Lightweight & insulative composite safety toecap
  • Magnetic zip cover for durability and easy to use
  • Electrically resistant (EH) and 300°C heat resistant outsole

uvex x-flow safety footwear range built to exceed expectations

Lightweight construction that optimises movement efficiency and stability. The low height and easy access makes uvex 2 x-flow zip ideal for workers in medium application areas that require maximum ankle flexibility without sacrificing support. Electrical insulating sole makes it ideal for electricians and other trades that may have accidental contact with electricity.

General features

  • Lightweight 135mm (5') high zip side lace up safety boot
  • Zip side for ease of access
  • Magnetic zip cover for durability and easy to use
  • Water-resistant leather upper
  • Airport friendly 
  • uvex x-flow range footbed is made from 87% recycled production waste foam and the top cover fabric is made from 100% recycled PET plastic 
  • Certified to accommodate the uvex tuneup 2.0 foot-type specific footbed system
  • uvex x-flow range have a seam free scuff cap and heel counter for durability 

Protective features

  • Electrically resistant (EH)
  • Lightweight & insulative composite safety toecap
  • 300°C heat resistant outsole
  • Slip resistant (SRC)
  • Seam free scuff cap and heel counter for durability
  • Water-resistant leather upper
  • Zip side for a quick exit when required 

Comfort features

  • High energy return uvex i-PUREnrj cushioning system designed to minimise worker fatigue compared to traditional polyurethane foam cushioning.
  • uvex bionomx uses biomechanics in design to harmonise the interaction of footwear with the ground and the body so that it performs as one system.
  • uvex climazone optimises breathability and internal air flow.
  • uvex multiple-fit system offers multiple widths in the same length in core sizes.
  • uvex x-flow range is certified to accommodate the uvex tune up foot-type specific footbed system

 30 day comfort footwear


  • Medium application areas. Work usually takes place both indoors and outdoors, with the footwear needing to be significantly more robust. Typically users include trades people, public sector employers and medium industry 

Versions available:

  • 6546839: Size 39, Width 11 (standard width)
  • 6546840: Size 40, Width 11 (standard width)
  • 6546841: Size 41, Width 11 (standard width)
  • 6546842: Size 42, Width 11 (standard width)
  • 6546843: Size 43, Width 11 (standard width)
  • 6546844: Size 44, Width 11 (standard width)
  • 6546845: Size 45, Width 11 (standard width)
  • 6546846: Size 46, Width 11 (standard width)
  • 6546847: Size 47, Width 11 (standard width)
  • 6546848: Size 48, Width 11 (standard width)
  • 6546041: Size 41. ,Width 14 (extra wide)
  • 6546042: Size 42. ,Width 14 (extra wide)
  • 6546043: Size 43. ,Width 14 (extra wide)
  • 6546044: Size 44. ,Width 14 (extra wide)
  • 6546045: Size 45. ,Width 14 (extra wide)

Specifications uvex 2 x-flow zip side work boot tan (wheat)

Attribute Value
Shoe type zipped boots
Product family uvex x-flow
Standards EN ISO 20345:2011; AS2210.3 2019; ASTM 2413
Lining material distance mesh
Upper material leather, nylon
Sole material uvex i-PUREnrj midsole, Rubber (RU), Polyurethane (PU)
Colour tan (wheat)
Width 11, 14
Technologies uvex climazone foot climate management, uvex multi-width system, uvex bionomx, uvex i-PUREnrj, uvex x-flow recycled footbed
Awards Red Dot Design Award Winner 2022

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