When it comes to safety eyewear there is no single perfect solution. Depending on your application and task, several properties come into play: You need the right protective eyewear model, suitable lens material as well as matching lens tinting and coating.

How should safety eyewear fit?

The best safety glasses for you are the ones that fit you best. For too long, safety eyewear has been treated as “one size fits all.” When your safety glasses fit poorly or incorrectly, you’re putting yourself at a higher risk of injury. Head and face shapes vary considerably so it’s impossible to find one pair that works for everyone.

Choose the style and type of frame that suits you and the environment you are working in. The shape and closeness have a bearing on the field of vision, protection and wearability of the eyewear. Some models feature lens angle adjustment and adjustable side arms to improve fit and positioning of frame.

According to AS/NZS 1336 the design and shape of your safety glasses should be in alignment (as much as possible) with the shape of your face. The gaps formed between the frame edges and the face should be minimized by selecting a frame that closely follows the individual's facial contours. Several different frame styles/shapes should be offered to determine the best fit for your workers. 

Fitting guide checklist:

    Please check out the checklist below for reviewing the fit of your eyewear

    1. No uncomfortable pressure points on the side of the head or behind the ears
    2. Nose piece is comfortable and contacts your nose without pinching. Do you prefer a fixed or adjustable nose piece?
    3. You should be able to see in all directions without major obstruction
    4. Overall weight of safety eyewear is evenly distributed between your ears
    5. Frames fit close to your face without hitting your eyelashes. The space around the frames and your face should be less than or equal to 6-8mm. Gaps between the frame and the face are as small as possible
    6. Lenses cover your eyebrow and any soft tissue around it.
    7. Safety glasses stay in place when you move your head front to back and tilt your head side to side.
    Fitting guide for safety glasses


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    uvex safety eyewear – also ideal for narrow faces

    Best Fit Safety Eyewear

    The geometries of our uvex spectacles are as different as the faces of the people who wear them. Their optimal fit and the fact that they can be adjusted mean that these safety spectacles fit different head shapes perfectly, providing the wearer with the best possible protection from particles, sparks or dust.

    Because of uvex’s German-engineered dual-injection mould technology, we’re able to combine soft and hard components into frames that flex; making them comfortable and durable, yet highly adaptive so that they fit to any face width or shape – making wearability, protection and compliance easy.

    Which lens coating and tint do I need?

    After you made the decision on your style, choose the lens tint and coating. Different workplaces require different lens coatings for safety eyewear due to variations in working conditions. A lot of eye injuries happen because the workers are taking off their glasses for a special task because they have vision issues, e.g glasses were fogging up. For maximum effectiveness, lens coatings should offer resistance against fogging and scratching.

    uvex offers a range of lens shades and coatings to suit a variety of workplace environments and light conditions. All lens options provide 100 % UV protection. 

    Find out more about different coatings and tints in the links below:

    uvex lens coatings

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    Discover our range of protective eyewear

    uvex pheos range

    uvex pheos safety eyewear is a universal solution for all wearers and is available in two sizes. The pheos s small version is 8mm narrower than the standard width, making it ideal for those with smaller faces.


    uvex sportstyle

    The uvex sportstyle is a close-fitting, sporty design with an extremely low weight of just 23g for incredible comfort. uvex uses adjustable soft nose pads and adjustable soft earpieces to create a comfortable fit.


    uvex x-fit pro

    The flexible inclination or the side arms adapts ergonomically to all facial shapes - for optimum fit. The soft nose piece of the striking x-design offers maximum wearer comfort even when worn for extended periods of time.


    uvex Product Trial Program

    Our goal is to work with you together to help reduce injuries and lower your PPE costs. We surround our products with an array of services which support PPE decision makers in selection and safety strategy implementation ensuring that PPE wearers derive maximum benefit in terms of protection and ‘issue free’ wearability.

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