uvex xact-fit test - Hearing protection fit-testing system

When providing PPE, the correct size and fit are a requirement to comply with WHS Regulations. Without a hearing protection fit-testing system, the actual noise attenuation received while wearing earplugs remains unknown. This leaves workers at risk of over-exposure and under-exposure to noise and employers at risk of failing to provide adequate hearing protection for workers.

The uvex xact-fit test hearing protection fit-test system has been designed to produce results that depict the real attenuation received by workers while wearing earplugs quickly and easily. The open system allows you to test almost any earplug in the market. The cloud-based software and wireless headset allow the system to be portable.

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What is hearing protection fit testing?

Hearing protection fit testing is a process used to evaluate the effectiveness of earplugs or earmuffs in providing an individual with adequate protection against harmful noise levels. This testing ensures that the selected hearing protection fits the user properly and delivers the expected level of noise reduction, ensuring a safer working environment and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. The fit test is performed using specialised equipment like uvex xact-fit test system, that measures the actual noise reduction for the wearer in a controlled environment.

Why is hearing protection fit testing necessary?

Ear canal size and shape can vary across individuals much like other parts of the anatomy. As a result, the individual noise attenuation received by wearers from the same product will also vary depending on how well it fits the wearer. As the SLC80 rating of a product is calculated on tests results from naïve test subjects in a laboratory setting. Therefore, it is not a guarantee of fit. All of these factors combined with a lack of knowledge of how to correctly insert earplugs results in many wearers receiving little to no protection from noise despite using earplugs.

Hearing protection fit testing is the only method to determine the real noise attenuation received by a wearer accurately and consistently. A good hearing protection fit test will help you in:

  • Verifying the Proper Fit: Ensuring that the hearing protection device fits the user correctly to provide maximum protection.
  • Educating Users: Teaching workers how to properly use and wear hearing protection devices.
  • Documenting Protection Levels: Providing documentation or evidence that employees are receiving adequate protection from their hearing protection devices, thereby proving compliance with WHS regulations.
  • Personalising Protection: Recognising that every individual's ear canal shape and size are different, fit testing helps in selecting the most effective type and size of hearing protection for each worker.

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Why uvex xact-fit test?

Open System

  • Can test most earplugs on the market
  • No modifications to the earplugs necessary
  • Uses Real Ear Attenuation at Threshold (REAT) method

Portable and wireless

  • Bluetooth connectivity allows a test to be set up anywhere an internet connection is available
  • Provides ability to carry out on-the-spot fit-tests on workers

Quick test results

  • Tests both ear at the same time without compromising on accuracy
  • Total test time of 2 to 5 minutes per person

Cloud - based software

  • Receive regular software updates quickly and easily
  • Automatic upload of information and results

Easy to use

  • Simple to operate
  • uvex will provide onboarding training and ongoing support to customers as needed

Hardware Inclusions

The hardware kit comes with a tablet, headphones, spare batteries, spare hygiene kit, protective case, and a compact travel case.

Software and services

The test is performed using a cloud-based software which comes pre-installed on the tablet. uvex will provide onboarding training to users so they are able to confidently use the system and its features. The PC manager tool is installed on the user’s PC and provides functionality to set up and manage tests and results.