What are sealed safety glasses/goggles?

Sealed safety glasses, commonly known as spoggles, represent a hybrid innovation in personal protective eyewear. These glasses feature a unique design that integrates foam inserts, creating a nearly complete seal around the eyes. This design enhances protection against environmental elements such as dirt, debris, and splashes, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings, especially in windy or dusty conditions. The foam insert not only ensures a snug fit but also bridges the gap between traditional safety glasses and goggles, offering a versatile solution that meets a wide range of safety requirements. Spoggles are particularly valued for their ability to maintain high levels of personal protective equipment (PPE) compliance and compatibility, crucial for safety managers and workers alike.

Safety eyewear with a guard doesn’t eliminate the need for offering multiple options and fit testing. Like all safety eyewear, a proper fit test must be conducted with all employees in order to best understand what type of eyewear should be used for each person. If you would like to understand more about eyewear fit or trial any of our products feel free to reach out to us.

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uvex pheos cx2 sonic goggles

These lightweight wide-vision goggles offer impressive comfort and, thanks to uvex supravision coating technology, provide a clear field of vision even in extreme climates.

  1. uvex’s lightest compact goggles - just 34 grams
  2. Comfortable protection thanks to soft forehead and nose piece moulded directly onto the lens
  3. High mechanical strength B (120 m/s)
  4. Very soft, light textile headband for secure and comfortable fit
  5. Can be easily combined with other PPE
  6. Available in clear, grey and CBR 65 lens.

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uvex i-guard planet safety spectacles

With its highly flexible frame, the ergonomically shaped uvex i-guard offers the best protection — and adapts to a wide variety of different facial shapes.

  • Large, flat lens design for an unrestricted field of vision
  • X-tended sideshield offers additional side protection
  • Soft, flexible face support that adapts to the wearer for optimal protection and comfort also protects against liquids and coarse dust (marking 3 and 4)
  • Multi-stage adjustable side arms allow a high degree of customisation in order to guarantee a good fit

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uvex pheos guard Spectacles

Modern, fashionable safety spectacle with duo-spherical lens that does not just offer a wide field of vision, but is also long-lasting anti-fog on both sides and features a scratch-resistant interior. Adding a headband and the frame not only makes the eyewear suitable for working at height or in confined spaces, it also improves compatibility with other PPE and creates a closer seal to further protect from particle ingress and splash.

  • Additional frame and headband
  • Duo-spherical lens with large field of vision
  • Bevelled edge along upper rim gives additional eyebrow protection
  • Narrow geometry enables ear defenders, helmet and bump caps to be worn comfortably
  • PC lens, metal-free frame

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uvex suXXeed with guard

The dynamic look, perfect-fit frame geometry and the comfortable side arms of uvex suXXeed glasses ensures wearer acceptance, comfort and protection. The clip in guards provide added protection from dust and dirt.

  • sporty safety glasses with a dynamic design that appeals
  • permanently anti-fog and scratch-resistant lens
  • additional guard provides greater protection against particles, dust & dirt
  • UV400 – 100% protection against dangerous UVA & UVB radiation to 400 nm
  • ergonomically shaped arms with soft ear pieces
  • soft, flexible nose pad adapts to the wearer and ensures a comfortable, pressure-free fit

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Unbeatable anti-fogging performance

Sealed or gasket safety eyewears are designed to closely contour the face, minimising the potential for dust, debris, and other hazardous materials to penetrate. However, this tight seal can often result in trapped moisture, leading to lens fogging. Numerous safety eyewear manufacturers have developed anti-fog solutions, many of which are effective initially but diminish upon cleaning.

uvex has engineered a permanent anti-fog coating that withstands repeated cleaning, ensuring sustained superior performance.