Safety Glasses For Contrast Enhancement, Blue light reduction and Relaxed Vision

Changing light conditions including bright light, reflective surfaces and variable outdoor light conditions in our daily working life can all put additional stress on the human eyes. The uvex CBR65 and CBR75 light transmissions improves contrast enhancement, reduces blue light and supports relaxed vision. 

What is Blue Light?

blue light

In the electromagnetic spectrum, blue light lies in the wavelength range between 380 and 500 nanometres. It therefore falls within the visible part of the spectrum, to which we are exposed every day.

Blue light can be found everywhere – in the natural light emitted by the sun, or in the artificial light emitted by LED lamps or screens (smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions).

Risks of Blue Light Exposure

  • Eye fatigue
  • Sleep rhythm disorder
  • Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
  • Lowered Concentration

C = Contrast enhancement

For clear and accurate vision - even in changing light conditions.

B = Blue light reduction

Provides reliable protection against harmful blue light emissions.

R = Relaxed vision

Reduces eye fatigue, even during extended periods of use.

Contrast enhancement


Ideal for accurate vision in every situation

Bright light, reflective surfaces or using digital devices, changing light conditions can all put additional strain on the eyes which can be uncomfortable and increase the onset of fatigue.

The innovative uvex CBR65 and uvex CBR75 light transmission helps the eyes to focus more easily by providing better contrasts. This enables you to remain focused on the task at hand whether working in mining, construction, utilities; or on the golf course.


Showing the CBR65 filtering effect on bright environments

Blue light reduction


Ideal for display screen equipment

LED lights, computers and other visual display screens produce harsh, unnatural light with high blue light content that can over time, fatigue the eyes and may encourage headaches. 

The uvex CBR65 tinted lens reduces blue light by up to 50 % at 450 nm and the uvex CBR75 tinted lens reduces blue light by up to 40% at 450 nm offering protection against these harmful emissions. 

Relaxed vision


Ideal for precision work

From harsh industrial to inspection work, there are many more tasks that require continuous levels of high concentration. The uvex CBR65 and uvex CBR75 lens technology delivers a relaxed field of vision, reducing the eyes from becoming fatigued.

uvex CBR65 is ideal for high concentration work

Choose between

uvex pheos cx2 CBR65

Highly comfortable fit

X-tended Eyeshield
The soft component is injection moulded onto the rim of the lens offering additional protection and comfort.

X-twist Technology
The slight twist of the side arm gives a light spring effect adjusting to the wearer for a secure, pressure-free fit.

Optimal ventilation                                                                                                                   The functional safety spectacles provide a pleasant and relaxed environment around the eyes.

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23 grams - 100% performance

Adjustable nose bridge
Super soft, adjustable nose piece for high wearer comfort and a secure stable fit.

Maximum comfort
uvex duo component technology combines a soft inside and hard outside. 

Flexible lightweight
These safety spectacles weigh just 23 grams and adjust to the individual head shapes.

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