uvex i-5

uvex i-5 safety glasses

Adjustment to deliver the perfect protection – the safety spectacles that fit every face!

uvex athletic glove range

The uvex athletic range offers two choices in 15-gauge general purpose gloves; the athletic lite with its unique micro-cell NBR palm coat for those tasks requiring superior grip, or the NBR foam of the athletic all round, providing excellent wear in dirty environments. Added to these excellent gloves is the athletic D5 XP.

the new uvex CBR65 tint

uvex CBR65 and CBR75

Focus on fatigue-free, relaxed vision – thanks to our new tint with 65% transmission that enables high-contrast vision and protects against harmful blue light

uvex face shield

uvex disposable face shield 

uvex has responded to the high demand for eye protection products during the current crisis by developing a disposable face shield designed for those that need to protect against drops or liquid splashes - including healthcare professionals - reducing the risk of infections caused by droplets, complete with EU certification.

uvex UV400

uvex UV400

100% protection against UVB and UVA radiation

uvex sportstyle variomatic

Lenses coated with uvex supravision variomatic are self-colouring filters that offer the best vision with automatic darkening within 10 seconds and brightening after 30 seconds.

uvex c5 and d500 cut-protection safety gloves

cut-resistant uvex gloves

Uncompromisingly robust without loss of comfort: the perfect combination of tactile feel and cut protection

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