Cut protection never felt better: Uncompromising performance in cut protection level D yet are even more comfortable to wear. Thanks to the adaptive fit of our natural fibre technology, uvex Bamboo TwinFlex® protective gloves adapt precisely to every individual hand shape after 3-5 minutes.


We started this journey more than a decade ago. A group of hardworking people with a new technology that no one had ever seen. One that had the potential to change the cut and puncture safety market. One that could save the lives and livelihood of workers across the world. So we started with one industry. And one glove.

uvex sportstyle variomatic

Lenses coated with uvex supravision variomatic are self-colouring filters that offer the best vision with automatic darkening within 10 seconds and brightening after 30 seconds.

cut-resistant uvex gloves

Uncompromisingly robust without loss of comfort: the perfect combination of tactile feel and cut protection


uvex safety footwear range has been specifically designed and developed for the needs of Australian and New Zealand workers. uvex work boots are designed on the biomechanical function of the foot and body and the hazards experienced in the workplace. The range includes work footwear that is suitable for light to heavy application areas and are all certified to the Australian, European and American standards..


safe. active. connected. uvex aXess one are active electronic earmuffs with the RAL (Real Active Listening) function. This gives the user the feeling that they're not wearing hearing protection at all and are still actively participating in the environment around them. This allows users to communicate more easily and improves their ability to detect warning signals.

uvex megasonic

The revolutionary frameless lens design of the uvex megasonic has an exceptional field of vision and delivers edge to edge crystal clear clarity - giving wearers as close to natural vision as possible. The generous internal volume and specially formed recess accommodates side arms for prescription spectacle wearers, delivering a comfortable stable fit and ensuring the same level of protection across the whole workforce.

uvex phynomic airLite

The lightest safety gloves in their class come with a noticeable difference in wearer comfort – and: they protect your hands with the fifth sense, offering touchscreen compatibility and ESD function.

uvex UV400

uvex UV400

100% protection against UVB and UVA radiation

uvex i-5

uvex i-5 safety glasses

Adjustment to deliver the perfect protection – the safety spectacles that fit every face!

uvex CBR65 and CBR75

Focus on fatigue-free, relaxed vision – thanks to our new tint with 65% transmission that enables high-contrast vision and protects against harmful blue light

uvex athletic glove range

The uvex athletic range offers two choices in 15-gauge general purpose gloves; the athletic lite with its unique micro-cell NBR palm coat for those tasks requiring superior grip, or the NBR foam of the athletic all round, providing excellent wear in dirty environments. Added to these excellent gloves is the athletic D5 XP.

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