How to clean your safety glasses?

Safety eyewear should be cleaned with extra care in order to prevent any kind of damage to its lenses. The number one reason for scratched lenses is improper lens cleaning and the second improper storage.

Follow the next tips to increase the longevity of your safety eyewear:

Safety Glasses Cleaning Tips

  • Gently blow any loose dirt or debris from your lenses

Blow any particles off before wiping the lenses of your safety glasses, to avoid scratching.

  • Cleaning under running water

Remove areas of rough dirt under running cold water. Wipe the lenses clean using a dry paper towel from the uvex cleaning station.

  • Cleaning with the uvex cleaning station

Spray both sides of the lens with a generous amount of the cleaning solution. Take a uvex tissue and wipe the lens inside and out. Remember for best results use a continuous circular motion and never a back and forward rubbing motion.

  • Cleaning with uvex cleaning towelettes

 Using a moist uvex cleaning towelette gently moisten the lens. Wipe down all the dust from the lens in a circular motion.

  • Storage of your safety eyewear

Before placing the eyewear inside the case, make sure to clean it using the steps described here.

After use, place the safety glasses in a microfiber pouch or in an eyeglass case. Never put unprotected safety eyewear in your pocket.

What you should not do:

DON’T use clothing, paper towel, napkins or facial tissue to clean your lenses. Most of these fabrics, are infused with abrasive fibres and debris. These fibres can easily scratch the lens and affect the level of vision.

DON’T use solvents or chemical cleaning agents! These types of cleaners contain chemicals that may remove your uvex eyewear’s lens coatings.

DON'T put your safety glasses down on the lenses, always on the frames.

uvex safety cleaning accessories

If using uvex safety eyewear, only use uvex cleaning products to clean the lenses. This is essential to preserving the performance of the uvex supravision coatings.

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