The uvex xact-fit range – a new dimension in earplugs

The uvex xact-fit range of earplugs are designed with a focus on achieving optimum fit for the wearer. Their ergonomically shaped plugs are easy to insert and take out as needed (even while wearing gloves) and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. As rolling up is unnecessary for fitment, the uvex xact-fit range is a more hygienic alternative than traditional disposable earplugs.

Features and Benefits

  • Available in reusable and disposable with reusable push in stem formats
  • Comfortable
  • Improved fitment
  • Fast and accurate insertion
  • No rolling up required
  • Can be used with dirty hands or while wearing gloves
  • Partially made from recycled components

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Intelligent ergonomics

Perfect fit

Oval-shaped earplugs mimic the natural shape of the ear canal for low pressure fit and enhanced comfort, with no rolling required.

Ergonomic thumb indentations

The ergonomic thumb indentations with left and right marking ensures correct insertion and easy fitting, even while wearing gloves.

Adjustable cord

The adjustable cord allows the earplugs to be worn comfortably around the neck so they're always conveniently at hand.

Discover the uvex xact-fit earplugs range

uvex xact-fit

Disposable earplugs with reusable pins. The uvex xact-fit has a SLC80 rating of 22dB (Class 4) and requires no roll-up making it an ideal solution where earplugs are inserted and taken out of the ear canal frequently.

The push-in stem helps guide the ergonomically shaped plugs to fit the ear canal securely and comfortably. 

The high-visibility colour is easier to identify from a distance, making monitoring its usage simpler. Replacement pods available.

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uvex xact-band

The uvex xact-band offers the next generation in banded hearing protection. This hearing protection is ideal for those frequently going in and out of noisy environments.

Being on a band, your hearing protectors are conveniently at hand while being quicker and easier to fit. The replaceable pods helps maintain a high level of hygiene.

Being extra light weight (only 4 gms), the earplugs are especially comfortable. These earplugs have a SLC80 rating of 22dB (Class 4).

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uvex xact-fit reusable

Designed to achieve optimum fit for the wearer, these ergonomically shaped earplugs are easy to insert and take out (even while wearing gloves) and comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

No rolling up required and available in two sizes for small and medium ear canals. Made from recycled materials these earplugs are a more environmentally conscious choice. 

Comes in a protective plastic case for safe & hygienic storage. Can be simply washed with soapy water & dried before use. SLC80 rating - 19dB (Class 3)

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Customer feedback

uvex xact-fit disposable

“Our manufacturing company regularly used a large number of disposable uncorded ear plugs every day, that were not only very difficult to roll and fit into your ears, but we also found that because the workers were changing them twice a day, it was becoming uneconomical and creating a large amount of waste on site. We found the uvex xact-fit to be the perfect solution for us, as it was not only very easy to fit and comfortable due to the ease of inserting into your ear canal, but our wastage has now been substantially reduced by having a corded earplug so you can hang around your neck during morning tea and lunch breaks.” 

- Safety Manager, Manufacturing Industry

uvex xact-fit band

“We have been using a banded style hearing protector for many years, whilst they are popular and easy to use by the ground crew, many of our team complain that they scratch on the collar of your shirt creating an irritating noise as you walk around. We tried the uvex xact-fit band and found it to be much better as it is not only a smaller light weight band, but fitted much more snugly in the ears and under the chin completely removing the scratching noise issue.”

- Safety Manager, Aviation Industry