The safety glove with touchscreen compatibility and ESD function

uvex phynomic airLite safety gloves are the lightest in their class and offer a noticeable difference in wearer comfort: They combine high sensitivity and tactile feel with lightness and breathability, all in one range of gloves. This makes them perfect for precision work and handling very small or fine components — and you can still use almost all screens, tablets and mobile phones when you are wearing them.

The ABC of innovative hand protection

With its individually developed coating, the uvex phynomic airLite type A glove unites many benefits with a new kind of hand protection that has never been seen before. The models B and C complete the family while providing B- and C-level cut-protection according to EN 388:2016. Both have a light blue design and come with the same basic features as the type A gloves.


The featherweight: uvex phynomic airLite A ESD

Cut-protection level B: uvex phynomic airLite B ESD

Cut-protection level C: uvex phynomic airLite C ESD



Ultimate tactile feel thanks to a snug fit

The unique combination of an 18-gauge liner (polyamide, elastane, carbon) that is perfectly tailored to the shape of the hand and the newly developed "airLite" aqua polymer coating ensures the highest sensitivity and tactile feel for precision work or when handling very small or fine components. This combination not only makes the uvex phynomic airLite safety gloves the lightest in their class — it also makes them feel like a second skin.

What this means for you: 

  • Secure handling when performing intricate tasks
  • Exceptional, long-lasting wearer comfort
  • High level of breathability means less perspiration during work
uvex phynomic airLite


Product and personal safety — ESD capability

All uvex phynomic airLite safety gloves are suitable for use in ESD areas in accordance with DIN EN 16350:2014. Thanks to the carbon incorporated in the liner, your components will be protected throughout critical production steps* and your employees will be able to work safely in sensitive conditions, such as potentially explosive atmospheres.

What this means for you:

  • The perfect addition to your ESD protection concept*

*A comprehensive ESD protection system requires the use of additional PPE that is suitable for ESD. Further protective measures may also be required. Combining these safety gloves with other ESD-capable PPE from uvex, such as safety shoes and clothing, will enable you to create an ideal protection system for areas in which components must be protected against antistatic discharge, or in areas where there is a risk of explosion.

ESD Antistatic Gloves


An intelligent future — touchscreen compatibility

More and more companies are integrating intelligent methods into their production process. Industrial production digitalisation (Industry 4.0) is well under way. With their touchscreen compatibility for use on almost all screens, tablets and mobile phones, uvex phynomic airLite safety gloves will ensure you are fully equipped for the future. 

What this means for you:

  • Less time spent putting on and taking off the gloves while performing tasks
  • The safety gloves can always be kept on, reducing the risk of injury
  • Less time wasted means increased productivity
  • easy and comfortable, even when using touchscreens — our newest uvex phynomic safety glove
touchscreen safety gloves


Always the right grip — airLite coating technology

The new airLite coating always allows you to maintain a firm grip, no matter what task you are performing. Whether your working conditions are dry or slightly damp/oily or your workpieces are, the uvex phynomic airLite is always the perfect choice of safety glove. We have also focussed on ensuring a high degree of durability and a long service life. Plus, our airLite aqua polymer coatings are free from harmful substances, providing you with even greater protection.

What this means for you:

  • Ultimate grip during any task
  • Cost-effective thanks to the resilient coatings
  • Absence of harmful substances means no skin irritation
uvex phynomic airLite: safety that you feel at every touch


Independent safety testing — product and health protection

uvex phynomic airLite safety gloves are made in Germany and are free of accelerators and other hazardous substances. Skin compatibility has been dermatologically tested by an independent body and is ensured by independent tests and certifications. And uvex is raising the bar even further with its pure standard and internal banned hazardous substances list.

What this means for you:

  • Safety gloves that are free from harmful substances and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • No component contamination
  • Helps protect your products
skin friendly work gloves

uvex i-gonomics: it's all about ergonomics and comfort

That is hand protection with measurably greater relief: uvex i-gonomics stands for maximum functionality with first-class comfort: The innovative product system boasts an ergonomic fit, lightweight design and ideal climate characteristics. This makes our safety gloves more comfortable to wear and gives them optimal flexibility — so maximum performance can always be achieved, even under extreme conditions.

And we've put our new safety glove to the test – where it performed considerably well:

  • tensile force at 120% of total elongation: 32 N => 4.8
  • weight per unit area: 24.8 mg/cm2 => 4.3
  • RET-value (clima): 29.21 =>: 3.1

=> Overall relief index: 4.07*

* Relief index calculation: The relief index is calculated from the average of the three index values (IV)— force, weight and climate—and ranges from 0 (= poor) to 5 (= optimum).

uvex phynomic airLite A: comfortable, lightweight, ergonomic

Next steps

uvex phynomic airLite gloves are made in uvex's centre of expertise for safety gloves in Lüneburg, Germany. The uvex production facilities ensure the highest technical standards and short delivery times from manufacturer to user. We combine modern manufacturing processes, design and development, in-house sewing and a laboratory with extensive testing and application technology.

If you have any questions about the uvex phynomic airLite range or would like to arrange a product trial for your employees, please fill out the from here:

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