uvex K-series earmuffs

Ergonomic design meets style and convenience: the uvex K-series range of earmuffs are engineered for the modern workplace, delivering premium all-day comfort.

Hearing is precious and can be easily damaged. Wearing low pressure, non-irritating uvex earmuffs allows wearers to reliably protect their hearing - even when worn for long periods of time. The uvex K-series earmuffs deliver outstanding comfort and a pressure free fit through their use of lightweight materials, compact and extra-soft cushioned earpieces, together with a breathable headband. Remember, the best hearing protection is the one that gets worn!

NEW uvex K10, K20, K30, uvex KX10, uvex K20 hi-viz with foldable headband

uvex K-Series earmuffs

Special features of the uvex K-series ear muffs

earmuff fit


  • Padded headband for premium all-day comfort and low-pressure fit.
earmuff headband


  • Lightweight components and smooth length adjustment options for various head shapes.
earmuff memory foam


  • Wearer comfort guaranteed thanks to extra soft memory foam ear cushions.
earmuff with helmet
  • Earmuffs can be rotated 360° for easy use from standby and resting positions, sitting close to the helmet to ensure perfect balance, without straining the neck muscles.
  • The following models are coming with foldable headband uvex K10, uvex K20, uvex K30, uvex KX10 and uvex K20 hi-viz
  • foldable headband small and handy stowable, also ideal the earmuff bag with belt loops
  • uvex K30H are dielectric, high-protection earmuffs that can be directly attached to helmets with a 25 mm and 30 mm Euroslot.

Available with slip-resistant surface

uvex KX10 with rubberised outer casing for better grip

  • earmuffs with rubberised surface
  • increased grip and secure fit, ideal for oily or damp environments
  • foldable headband
  • SLC80: 27 dB, class 5
earmuffs with rubberised surface

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