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Advanced coating systems

Nothing is more important than people’s safety at work. That’s why uvex invests so heavily in the continuous research and development of its products and technologies. We can already see our efforts paying dividends in the form of three new intelligent coating systems, which work actively to provide a solution for every challenge. Yet more proof of uvex’s innovative power and coating expertise.

supravision HC-AF

Our unique supravision HC-AF technology enables us to apply a coating which makes the lens extremely scratch-resistant on the outside and permanently antifog on the inside. It also provides 100 % UV protection.


HC3000 is an extremely scratch resistant coating. In addition it also offers good resistance to acids and solvents, it's easy to clean due to the Nano effect properties and it offers 100% UV protection.


lens coating prevents moisture from accumulating to ensure a constantly fog-free lens. Spectacles and goggles with THS coating technology are especially suitable for environments with high temperatures, humidity and condensation.

uvex variomatic

Lenses coated with uvex variomatic darken within 10 seconds to provide the wearer with 100 % protection against UV radiation, and return to their original tint after 30 seconds – quicker reactions than any other coating. These lenses are especially suitable for workers who frequently alternate between inside and outside work or between light and dark environments.

uvex supravision extreme

uvex supravision extreme lenses prevent moisture from accumulating to ensure a permanent antifog effect, meaning the lenses cannot steam up. Glasses and goggles with uvex supravision extreme coating technology are especially suitable for environments with high air humidity and condensation.

optidur 4C PLUS

optidur 4C PLUS combines 4 features in one lens for permanent antifog, scratchproof and antistatic properties plus 100 % UV protection.

infradur PLUS

infradur PLUS welding lenses protect against ultraviolet and infra-red radiation as well as glare. The coating minimises welding spark damage.

Further Technologies

Individual side-arm inclination

Adjustable side-arm inclination guarantees that uvex safety eyewear can adapt to fit any head shape, ensuring higher wearer acceptance.

Individual length adjustment

As the shape of everyone’s head is slightly different the fact that uvex safety glasses come with a range of length settings and adjustability, ensures a comfortable and correct fit for all.

uvex quattroflex

Four pads around the sensitive ear area ensure a comfortable, pressure-free fit.

uvex duo-flex

The unique, patented soft pads on the ear pieces snugly fit any head shape, preventing pressure points behind the ears and guaranteeing a secure fit.

Suitable for use with prescription glasses

Overspecs and goggles in particular, must be able to provide a pressure-free fit when worn in conjunction with prescription spectacles. We meet this requirement by developing suitable designs and using highquality materials.

easy to clean

uvex „easy to clean” glasses are also less susceptible to dirt.