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uvex C500 - The comfort class in cut protection

First-class comfort - high durability

Regular exposure to thin, sharp-edged and metal plastic parts is taken for granted in many jobs and that is why cut injuries are one of the most frequently reported injuries in the workplace. Although a wide range of cut protection solutions is already available for both wet and dry work conditions, in practice, employees quite often make compromises and work within limitations.

As a rule, in the past high cut protection involves compromise in terms of comfort, particularly in the case of coated gloves where liquids are used on an everyday basis. Many existing hand protection solutions are too thick, too inflexible, limited dexterity or can cause irritations to the skin.

Not anymore!

uvex makes compromise a thing of the past! uvex C500/C300 safety gloves set new standards in protection, comfort, dexterity, flexibility,  performance  and economy by combining all of these properties into the uvex C500/C300 range.


    • Reduced sweating

    • High breathability

    • Much higher moisture absorption than other yarns.

    Cut protection level 5 and 3

    Bamboo TwinFlex® Technology - High Tech for more comfort

    The C500/C300 range offers two levels of cut protection (level 5 and 3), the highest level of abrasion resistant and outstanding wearer comfort. The patented Bamboo TwinFlex Technology protective function combines state-of-the art, cut-resistant glass fibres and abrasion-resistant polyamide for optimum mechanical protection. 

    First-class comfort

    We take your safety very seriously and this is why we manufacture temperature-regulating and skin-friendly products that provide perfect protection. The patented Bamboo TwinFlex Technology comfort function combines soft, comfortable bamboo thread for a silky feel and perfect temperature regulation meaning the skin only comes into contact with temperature-regulating bamboo comfort fibres. The uvex C500/C300 range features uvex climazone and is also certified in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

    Natural dexterity

    In addition to the intelligent use of lining materials, perfect shape and fit is achieved by innovating a new flat ergo mould. These anatomically shaped moulds accurately replicate the hand improving the fit and dexterity of the glove.

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    High performance for highest protection

    As experts in innovative coating technologies, we have developed innovative materials for the uvex C500 and C300 range for use in all applications. Three different coating materials are used in the uvex C500/C300 range providing a very robust and comfortable glove;

    High Performance Elastomer (HPE) Soft Grip foam.

    The HPE SoftGrip foam guarantees a reliable grip when used in dry and slightly oily conditions. The microporous coating is breathable providing a stable climate inside the glove and a high degree of comfort. This coating is used in the uvex C500/C300 foam.

    High Performance Elastomer (HPE)

    The liquid resistant HPE coating ensures the gloves as suitable for use in wet or oily environments. It also holds its own in dry applications thanks to its excellent abrasion resistance. This coating is used in the uvex C500/C300 wet and wet plus.

    High Performance Vinyl (HPV) micro-nubs

    The uvex grip technology provides maximum comfort and dexterity due to it anatomical nub design with flexzones for dry working conditions. The uvex C500/C300 dry feature grip numbs.

    uvex C500 range applications include: Metal industry, automotive, transportation, assembly, glass industry, maintenance and repair, shipping/logistics, brewery/beverage industry, paper industry, construction etc.

    uvex C300 range applications include: Automotive, engineering, aerospace, metal industry, maintenance, assembly, transport, construction, oil & gas etc.

     uvex C500/C300 range – the perfect system for all mechanical areas of use!

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