uvex u-fit chemical protection glove

article number: 60596

  • robust, flexible disposable protection
  • certified to EN ISO 374-1:2016/Type B (K P T)
  • excellent chemical resistance and food-safe


uvex u-fit – versatile disposable protection

The uvex u-fit disposable safety glove excels thanks to its impressive mechanical resistance. It is flexible and robust, provides good protection against dirt and oil – and is perfect for light precision assembly work.


General features

  • thin and reliable NBR disposable glove (0.10 mm)
  • NBR (nitrile rubber), approx. 0.10 mm
  • colour: blue
  • available in sizes: S to XL


Protection features

  • certified to EN ISO 374-1:2016/Type B (K P T)
  • good grip with the roughened surface
  • very good abrasion resistance
  • reliable spray protection when handling chemicals such as acids, alkalis, solids or aqueous saline solutions
  • silicone-free according to imprint test


Comfort features

  • outstanding tactile sensation
  • very good fit
  • extremely high flexibility



disposable safety glove, suitable for working with chemicals in:

  • precision assembly work
  • inspection
  • short periods handling chemicals
  • paint shop (as splash protection)
  • food processing
  • gentle cleaning
  • product protection



Product data sheet
Instructions for use

 wässrig pH > 4,5sauer pH < 4,5alkoholischfettigtrocken (nicht fettend)
Beispiele nichtakoholische Getränke, Früchte, Eier, Gemüse, Krustentiere Essig, Hefe, Milch, Joghurt Wein, Spirituosen, Likör Olivenöl (R1), Butter und Margarine (R2), Fisch, Käse und Backwaren (R3), Fleisch und Geflügel (R4), Sandwiches und Fettgebackenes (R5) Brot, Reis, Nudeln, Tee, Gewürze, Hülsenfrüchte
uvex profi ergo JA JA JA JA (R1 bis R5) JA
uvex contact ergo JA JA JA JA (R1 bis R5) JA
uvex phynomic C3 JA JA JA JA (R1 bis R5) JA
uvex C500 pure JA JA JA JA (R1 bis R5) JA
uvex rubiflex (orange) JA JA JA JA (R1 bis R5) JA
uvex rubiflex S (blau/grün) JA JA JA JA (R1 bis R5) JA
uvex profastrong NF 33


JA JA JA (R2 bis R5) JA
uvex u-fit JA JA JA JA (R3 bis R5) JA
uvex phynomic foam JA JA JA JA (R5) JA
uvex phynomic lite (w) JA JA JA JA (R1 bis R5) JA
uvex unilite hermo JA JA JA NEIN JA
uvex u-fit lite JA NEIN JA JA (R3 bis R5) JA

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Specifications uvex u-fit chemical protection glove (60596)

Attribute Value
Product type chemical protection
Product family uvex u-fit
Version approx. 24 cm, glove surface roughened
Coating nitrile rubber (NBR)
Coated area approx. 0.1 mm, entire glove
Product system Construction
Norm EN 374-1:2016
Standards EN ISO 374-1:2016/Type B (K P T)
Food-compatible yes
Food compatibility Aqueous (pH > 4.5), Acidic (pH < 4.5), Alcoholic, Dry (non-fatty) , Fatty (R3 = fish, cheese), Fatty (R4 = red meat, poultry), Fatty (R5 = biscuits, baked goods)
Material without stockinette
Colour blue
Size S, M, L, XL
Use precision assembly work, inspection, food processing, product protection, short periods handling chemicals, paint shop (as splash protection)
Certificates Food compatibility
Segment Painting / Paper Hanging

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