Team and instructors

The uvex academy team takes care of the professional running of the event, carefully designing the practical course contents and making sure that all guests have an enjoyable stay.


The academy team is responsible for the event calendar, the individual organisation of company and in-house seminars, and all matters related to your stay with us.

Dr Claus-Jürgen Lurz

Director of the uvex academy

Madeleine Hager

Administration and organisation


Our various seminars are presented by a skilled team of experts from diverse fields who share their in-depth knowledge in a practical way in the various seminars.

Gerhard Dietl

  • Training area: Eye protection
  • Optometrist and industrial optics specialist
  • Product Manager Eye Protection
  • Product Developer Eye Protection
  • Many years of practical experience in technical customer services

Alexander Reincke

  • Training area: Prescription safety spectacles
  • Optometrist
  • Sales Manager Germany

Dr Thomas Fröhlich

  • Training area: Laser safety
  • Product Group Manager Laser Safety
  • Trainer in laser safety for over 10 years
  • Developer of laser safety products
  • 20 years of experience with lasers

Tim Frieb

  • Training area: Laser safety
  • Product Manager Laser Safety
  • Specialist areas: Laser construction, interferometric optics, holography, measurement systems
  • Developer of laser safety products
  • Around 30 years of experience with lasers

Manfred Schuster

  • Training area: Hearing protection
  • 15 years of experience in product development
  • Product Group Manager Head
  • Many years of international experience as a trainer

Monika Heinik

  • Training area: Protective clothing and functional textiles
  • Product Manager Workwear
  • Many years of experience in customer consultation

Dr Wolfgang Kesting

  • Training area: Hand protection
  • Head of hand protection R&D department
  • Presentations and seminars
  • Member of specialist and standards committees

Thomas Ackermann

  • Training area: Foot protection
  • Product Manager Foot Protection
  • 20 years of experience in the safety footwear industry
  • Technical customer services
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